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Making the unequal, unlettered, unaware, underprivileged and underdeveloped humans realize their hidden potential and facilitating their informed decision making process for selecting best alternatives leading to their empowerment using innovative behavioral, communication & managerial techniques with the support of action research, and innovative development strategies in the country. The people with out having the knowledge of socio-economic and demographic profile of the country come out with costly and less effective interventions. The YQEC is established to fulfill this need.

Registered under: Society's Registration Act 1973 of Madhya Pradesh

Registered on: 30th September 1989

About US

Chitransh A. D. P. G. College is the brain child of 'YUVAK QUAMI EKTA COMMITTEE' an NGO, which has been working in the field of education for past 15 years. The idea of establishing a college came in the year 1994 after thorough survey research since then, quality commitment have become necessary ingredient of the institution.

The college has its own governing body for management, administration and academics, which aims on the all round development of the student, it does not believe in just teaching but grooming the student for a secure future, that is why, the college supplements its teaching with personality development and improvement of communication skill. It also conducts research, national level seminars, group discussions and interviews.

The college is situated at a very safe location, namely Arera Colony. In recent times. It has been observed that huge campuses at faraway places, Pose threats to the safety of the students especially girl students.

"Every good deal gets recognized" With this motto the institution invests hard work and commitment for its students whom it believes are their brand ambassadors.

Mr. Ashwini Shrivastava


Any institution without a dynamic leader is like a body without the soul. But our college does not lack its soul as we have Mr. Ashwini Shrivastava as our chairman, who is not only professionally qualified but is a dynamic, skillful and a person of principles. He is highly qualified and dignified personality.

Mrs. Bharti shastri


Every student is blessed with talents, the need is to recognize those talents and give them proper direction. We along with our hardworking staff have taken the responsibility of making the students aware of his/her goals and to work towards them.

Generally guardians are not willing to look after their children when they enter the college. The child who was accompanied by his parents even when he/she went for his/her coaching is suddenly left alone and is supposed to be self reliant, independent decision maker and capable. The parents who once tracked the child for 24 hours suddenly start to run away from the same child. We are responsible and accountable to all the students who come with such problems by providing them with complete guidance, counseling, extra care with coaching. The students and guardians may interact with teachers and try to become good citizens of the nation.

Ms. Sudha Saxena


Established in the year 1994, this institution has gone from strength to strength. The college currently provides 10 under graduate courses and 06 post graduate courses. Our aim is to develop an environment conducive for academics, faculty and staff. Our faculty members are the best in their field and cater to teach student individually. Inquisitive students are encouraged to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. This Prospectus introduces the guardian & applicant students to the Chitransh Amulya Dutta Post Graduate College Bhopal. It provides an overview of our Motto, Vision, Mission and goals. Please contact me wherever i will be of any assistance to you.

Ms. Gauri Hatvalne

Administrative Officer

Dear Students, always believe in yourself. You have the ability to do any kind of work whatever it is or tough. So be confident and work hard to get your dreams. Be a good human being, good partner, good soul who helps everyone. I know you can do this very well. All the very best my dear Students.

  • M.A. Fine Arts
  • Diploma in Pgdca
  • Diploma in Fashion and Textile Designing
  • Graduation in Classical Indian Instrumental Music
  • Secretary in Laadli Welfare Society

Prof. Nitin Srivastava

Business leader , Motivator, Founder of a growing startup company

2020 can't be real ...we often use this phrase, but unfortunately it is real.Though nothing is permanent so this will pass soon. Shortly we will overcome this phase. So now its right time to fasten your shoe laces and give your skills set an upper edge with quality learning and education.Acclerate your speed, as a turtle can't win everytime.A new dawn and a whale of twilight is waiting for all of us.

  • Masters of marketing management- MMM
  • Post graduate diploma in foreign trade- PGDFT
  • From Pune University