Vision & Mission

Vision, Mission and Core Values
Explore Your Self

"Every child has some talents and to hone these natural talents it is necessary to provide him/her the right environment."

With this guiding philosophy in mind, our teachers are constantly trying to make the student competent in his/her subject with the cooperation of the parents.


The College shall strive to become an international centre of Excellence in regular study to provide high quality value based education to all, through various modes to meet the global challenges.

  • Faster creativity in teaching, learning and research, to build a knowledge base and promote quality initiative.
  • Provide access to education for all who deserve the best.
  • Develop human resources to meet the social & economic needs.
Core Values
  • Global out-look
  • Commitment to equality and social justice
  • Humanism and holistic view
  • Conservation of Natural Resources and Culture Heritage